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June 28, 2013

As you probably know by now, there is an upcoming VHBL release for the PS vita 2.12, by Qwikrazor87. Sadly, as I mentioned, the game exploited by Qwikrazor87 is only available in the US store, which kind of limits it audience (still in the process of confirming a potential solution for EU, though). But for those of you who would still like to give it a try, I have good news: I’m giving away a $20 US PSN Code to one of you.

There are many reasons you could want a US PSN Card, either because you don’t live in the US and really need to buy something on the US PSN store, or, simply, because like 100% of us, well, who doesn’t like free stuff? If you’re looking forward to VHBL and happen to win, my suggestion would be to hold on that PSN Card and use it at the right time :)

To get a chance to win a $20 PSN Card, it’s simple: Follow me on twitter, and retweet this tweet about our tiny contest. I’ll randomly select a winner in about a week. Obviously, everybody is welcome to participate, not only people who actually want VHBL :)

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