For free on PSN: PSP/PS Vita game Valhalla Knights

October 2, 2013

Often enough publishers are perceived and portrayed as these big corporate fat cats who only care for money. And whose endless greed seeks to ruin the innocent and fun experience we gamers all so desperately need.  Well today I would like to tell another story because, for anyone with access to the North American PlayStation Store, the PSP/ PS Vita game Valhalla Knights can be downloaded free of charge. Thanks XSEED games, for giving back!

Publisher XSEED games is well known for their Ys series and their more recent efforts on the Vita platform include Sumioni Demon Arts, Ogarhythm, Little King’s Story and Ragnarok Odyssey.

While totally free to download and no subscription to PS Plus is needed, we are treated to this game as a marketing stunt for Valhalla Knights 3, a PS Vita game set to release on October 15th in the SCEA territory.

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