Four More Patches That You Might Actually Like

August 23, 2012

Regardless of the scene release groups that deliver these patches, they all have the same effect which is making a wide array of users very happy. In the past month, we have seen numerous patches that were once limited to use by DRM dongles such as True Blue or Cobra and those that did not exist previously. Either way, there’s more to be added to the list. Team noDRM has dropped 4 more patches for a popular selection of games. Take a look:

  • Binary Domain [BLES01211]
  • Driver: San Francisco [BLES0089]
  • Soul Calibur V [BLUS30736]
  • Street Fighter X Tekken(EUR) [BLES01252]

If any of these games are in your collection or are now making their way there, you can pick these patches up. All it takes is a simple overwriting of the files and you should be good to go. You can find everything you need below.


Binary Domain Patch
Driver: San Francisco Patch
Soul Calibur V
Street Fighter X Tekken

Source: PS3News

*Take note to the game IDs above.

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