FOX engine and Kojima, NO PS3 exclusive content?: Demo Video

September 2, 2012

FOX engine showed how *rich* on delivering class A content can be, problem is for us PS3 users. That according to Sid Shuman there’s no official REP of PS3 exclusive content?.
As we know back at 2007, PS3 was launched and the big game to push the system to the limits was MGS4.

Appears that FOX Engine can be *bought* by other studios to release their own games (Like UT engine).

But again Kojima showed (and never lost that *perk of his*) on how to shock his followers and potential interested companies.
The DEMO is EPIC and even you can listen music on the chopper while you translate SNAKE from one side to another on this OPEN WORLD ;) (But watch for the enemies, they are not deaf)

To quote:

The big news coming out PAX is the debut of the gameplay footage shown exclusively during Konami’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Tokyo. Hideo Kojima was at the event to show off the 11 minute gameplay footage and to provide some more details about the game.

According to the official PlayStation Blog , Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is confirmed for the PS3 after speculation that the game would be for next gen consoles. A new trailer has also been released showing the same gameplay from the Metal Gear event.

The trailer was created all in-engine using Kojima Production’s FOX Engine with advanced shader, lighting and particle effects. Kojima stated that the Ground Zeroes is not Metal Gear Solid 5, but it is a “prologue.” He also confirmed that the demo shown is running on a PC hardware speced out to be similar to the PS3 and that the final game should resemble the demo video.

While, there hasn’t been any mention of the Xbox 360, the trailer does reveals at the very end that the game will also be coming out for the Xbox 360.

When a user asked if there would be exclusive PS3 content on the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, PlayStation Social Media Manager stated, “Would be great to see some exclusive content, but I don’t reckon we’ll know anything for a loooong time on that.”

The game is completely open world, as confirmed by Kojima as Ground Zeroes will be the world within the game. You can fly a helicopter to get Snake from one point to the next. You can also play custom music within the helicopter as “Flight of the Valkyries” was played during the demo. Interestingly enough, the louder the song is the higher the chance of getting detected by the enemies.

Kojima also hinted that other Konami studios may use the engine, giving Silent Hill as an example.

[Source] = Gamerblorge

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