Free PlayStation Plus!

November 7, 2012

Been meaning to try out PlayStation Plus, but never had the chance? Now you can, by simply entering a competition on Sony’s Facebook page!

You can find the competition  here, with the lucky winners earning themselves a year’s subscription to PlayStation Plus. If you enter the competition and “Like” the PlayStation Competitions Facebook page you will then be emailed a code for a 30-day trial for Plus (you’ll have to wait a few days to receive the email).

You’ll need to have set a valid payment method on your PlayStation Network account to start the trial. If you don’t wish to continue your subscription, remember to turn Automatic Renewal off so you don’t get charged for a 90-day Plus subscription once the free trial is up.

To turn off Automatic Renewal follow these steps:

  • Access ‘Account Management’ under the PlayStation Network section of your PS3’s XMB
  • Select ‘Transaction Management’
  • Select ‘Services List’
  • Select ‘PlayStation Plus’
  • Select your 30-day free trial
  • Turn off Automatic Renewal

Reports from various users inform me that if you live in the United States all you have to do is simply select United Kingdom as your region when you’re entering the competition. Then the code you receive will then work on your US PSN account!

Leave your comments below on the PlayStation Plus service in general, or if you got your code!

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