From The Guy Who Bought You Showtime’s YT Plugin … Here’s Navi-X

May 6, 2012

facanferff may be a familiar name if you’re using Showtime Media Center. He’s responsible for the famous Youtube plugin. We’ve covered that a few days ago but we forgot to take care of his other release, the Navi-X plugin.

As everyone explains it, Navi-X is a content aggregrator that works in a fashion similar to RSS Feeds. You access a playlist in which lists multimedia files in which can be linked back to. Playlists can be shared around with other users but that’s the purpose of the Internet right? For example, Navi-X has support for Flickr XML feeds, in which can be used to obviously share photos.

facanferff has chucked out yet another great plugin for Showtime. Keep them coming; help make Showtime a better homebrew. You can download the Navi-X plugin from PSX-Scene.

Source: PSX-Scene

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