Frostegater gets his new Vita, eCFW for 2.01 coming soon

December 9, 2012

Frostegater has finally gotten enough donations to get a new Vita. In a message to The Z (here), he has announced that he will be releasing the game this month.

If you have been following the scene lately you should know that Frostegater is in possession of a Kernel Exploit inside the PSP emulator on the Vita. As usual it will first undergo a ninja release so that trusted members get enough time to purchase the game from the Playstation store.

The files for the exploit will be released a few days after the game is announced publicly. As usual when the release happens we’ll ask you to not speak about this publicly and to not spam on the forums asking for information.

Last time, we found lots of leaks on different sites which might have wasted the exploit (it did for Mad Blocker Alpha, which was removed from the PSN before we made any public announcement). We request that you DO NOT do this. By leaking the name of the game, you are just ruining it for everyone. The best way to get the exploit is to sign up on the /Talk forums and make sure that you don’t get warned.

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