Frostegater joins PRO Team

December 27, 2012

We mentioned it earlier today: Frostegater, the dev we’ve been hearing a lot from lately has recently joined the PRO Team, a team that have great developers such as Virtuous Flame, neur0n and Yosh/wth (sadly, coldbird left, we miss you bro).

Let us recap a bit on the history between PRO and Frostegater.
Initially, Frostegater was a publicly pronounced PRO-Hater, being more in favor of TN, so…. what happened?

Well, for starters, if something I have learned from is that a united scene brings much more than a separate scene where no info is publicly shared (see ps3 scene).
Another thing to take into consideration is the recent leak of ARK (formerly known as PRO-Vita), a port of PRO CFW for the PS Vita, in which Frostegater played a role as he was one of the people involved in such leak, according to a recent blog entry by Coldbird himself. So you may ask “why is Frostegater joining PRO after he has contributed to the leak?”, well, there are a few things to take into consideration.

First, Frostegater never intended to leak the CFW in the first place, he just wanted to have it to reverse it and learn from it. This doesn’t change the fact that the leak happened, but amongst the people involved in the leak, Frostegater was the only dev, meaning he understood how Coldbird left and felt very sorry for his actions leading to Coldbird’s retirement. This lead to Frostegater offering Coldbird a kernel exploit to compensate for what happened, which lead to Frostegater befriending Coldbird and VF and ultimately joining PRO.


Now, I must come clean, this is not new, this happened quite a while ago, and I’ve been knowing it for quite some time, but I didn’t want to make it public without Frostegater’s or any other PRO member’s permission. But now, Coldbird himself have made this info public here:
so there is no reason to keep it a secret anymore, Frostegater is now a member of the Prometheus Team, and I know this means great things for the scene.

I also want to clarify that Frostegater’s membership in PRO Team does NOT mean that ARK will be released, Frostegater will probably release his exploit with CEF, because by the time I’m writing this, ARK is still a private CFW.

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