Frostegater makes the 2.02 CEF and kexploit open source

January 28, 2013

Those of you enjoying CEF on the 2.02 Uno exploit will be happy to learn that the source code for both Frostegater’s port of CEF, and the kexploit he used on top of the uno exploit are now available. Frostegater announced the release of those a few days ago, as he had been waiting for Sony’s latest Firmware update before releasing the source. Sony’s update 2.05 patches both the user (Uno) and kernel exploits.

This will not be useful to the majority of users, but those of you who want to improve the experience on CEF, or those who want to know what a kexploit looks like can have a look at the files below.


CEF 2.02 Source code

2.02 kxploit source

Source: Frostegater’s twitter.

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