Frostegater’s Firmware 2.61 VHBL Exploit revealed ! – Get is as soon as possible !

November 5, 2013

Earlier today was the firmware 3.00 released, and this demonic firmware fixed one of the greatest PS Vita Half Byte Loader exploits, that is was available. I am speaking of Frostegater’s FieldRunners exploit, which supports firmware 2.61 and below!

The game should have never been released, since it is just too awesome. This was the statement of myself, frostegater and my friend Kanade Engel, the 3 people who used this exploit frequently.
Sony surprised us a bit with their firmware 3.00, which fixes the awesome exploit. The exploit literally just takes ~10 seconds to boot into the wMenu, and is then ready to launch homebrews. You do not have to press a button, you just have to start the game and lean back.

This usermode exploit supports the super nintendo emulator, SnesTyl 0.4.2 (HBL Version), PSPFiler 6.6 (HBL), Gpsp and Masterboy. It also supports a lot of other homebrews, which I do not want to list right now. This game has a pretty high compatibility, and it is even possible to exit all these homebrews without crashing the VHBL itself! (PSPFiler is the exception, quiting it crashes the VHBL. It is recommended to close the exploit game, and relaunch it, if you intend to close PSPFiler.)

The FieldRunners Exploit, among other patched exploits

The game is available in the European PSN Store for mere 5€, takes ~30MB of space, and takes LESS than 10 seconds to boot into wMenu.
The game is also available in the US PSN Store, for 5-7$. Also available in the UK, AU and other stores. It seems to be missing in asian stores.

This video is pretty old, made around firmware 2.02, but it shows the FieldRunners exploit in action. It does not show the game itself, but I will deliver a video which shows the exploit in action.
You can see that the exploit is pretty fast, accurate and damn awesome. It is a shame that such a good piece of work got fixed.

Frostegater stated at his twitter account, that if you own the US Version of FieldRunners, that you should contact him, so he can create exploit files for the US version.
At the moment there are just exploit files for the EU Version, since those were tested (by me) since firmware 1.80.

Download: FieldRunners VHBL for Firmware 2.61 (EU Version)

(US Version will be ready soon)

Be also sure to donate to Frostegater, if you like the work he did. He will definitely appreciate it. :)

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