FUT 13: What We Need!

August 14, 2012

So if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m the writer on Dashhacks that covers pretty much all of the FIFA related news, so I’m gunna hit up another FIFA related article and this time it’s regarding FIFA 13’s Ultimate Team mode.

In previous FIFA’s Ultimate Team was a luxury that you had to pay for; however with the arrival of FIFA 11, EA decided that making it free would increase its popularity as no one wanted to pay for UT when the game offered so many modes beforehand. Anyway, after its debut free play on FIFA 11, FIFA 12 brought us a version that had been changed and improved due to UT’s new found popularity and ended up being the most popular part of the title. Despite this, it was the first established free version of UT and it lacked in some vital areas.

Let’s start with the auction search, although searching for players can be done in relative depth, if you don’t know much about a certain player you are either stuck with guess work or you have to head over to FUT Head. What’s even worse is searching for managers. Oh my god! There are no specifics when searching for managers; you can’t select a formation for them, a nationality or a club. You literally enter a price and have to wade through pages and pages of shit! It is mind numbing.

What else? The connection to Ultimate Team is actually beyond frustrating. I’m sporting 60meg fibre optic (hellz yeah!) and even I get my fair share of disconnected games and getting booted off the server, it wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t incur a loss every time it happened. Some form of improvement needs to be made here, hosts can be migrated on games such as CoD, FIFA should at least make a vague attempt. As for the god awful servers that EA use for FIFA, these need to be improved dramatically. It seems that twice a day the servers are down to be checked or maintained, if I wanted connection issues I would rewind back to last April and try to connect to PSN.

One last change that I’d suggest is the statistic about the players; Ultimate Team is the only area of the game that decides to miss out showing over 60% of footballer’s statistics. Each player contains only 6 general stats and a mere few extra when looked into depth, whilst other areas of the game offer 20+ different stats for each player.

Just a quick note guys, I’m actually a huge FIFA fan and although I have had a bit of a rant about the game in this article, it is simply meant as a means to suggest change.

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