FW 2.60s Exploit games are back at the PSN!

September 17, 2013

Three weeks ago, we’ve revealed that not only one, but 4 different games were exploitable for the usage of the Vita Half Byte Loader. Since Sony removed those games after merely 50 hours, it had been impossible to exploit the PS Vita with the firmware 2.60. A few days later followed the firmware 2.61, which apparently fixed the vulnerability in all 4 exploit games, rendered VHBL useless and, once again, let us decide what we prefer – Access to the Playstation Network services, or access to the huge Homebrew library, that the PSP(emulator) offers.

Sony did not even just remove the games for the Playstation Network, but even removed the games from the download list of their customers, which is illegal in some countries in Europe (e.g. Germany), since it refuses the usage of an already paid service (the digital copy of the now pulled games). A refund could be demanded, which some people even got.

But don’t be desperate, because Sony just brought those games back to the PSN and the download list. If you own one of those exploit games, then its possible to download these games via your PSP, PS Vita, PC or PS3, so you can play them again. There is still one bad news: Sony fixed the FW 2.61 bypass method via Charles Proxy some hours before they’ve brought the games back. Bad luck or a coincidence?

We still have some more news. The 4 Arcade games, Arcade Darts, Arcade Airhockey & Bowling, World of Pool and Arcade Pool (& Snooker) aren’t the only games that are back at the PSN. The FW 2.12 exploit title, Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot also returned to the PSN, which was used to exploit the PS Vitas firmwares 2.10 – 2.12. The only problem is, that you need a PS Vita with the firmware 2.61 for accessing the PSN, don’t you? Not necessarily. Just try the following method, which will help you to install some of your PSN titles to a PS Vita, which has a lower firmware than the most recent. This PS3 + OpenCMA trick is still working, and even can enable you to use an eCFW at your PS Vita, if your firmware is 2.02 or below.

Since the PS Vita exploit game chart is outdated at our lower FWs for dummies tutorial, have an updated version of the chart, which should be accurate now.

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