FW3.60 Core_OS Files Decrypted By PsDev

August 2, 2012

PsDev has decrypted the Core_OS files of firmware 3.60 using the latest release of the leaked 3.60 keys. Do we see a newer custom firmware on the horizon? Don’t ask me, it’s up to the developers…

The files in the download below are all from the 3.60 Core_OS and I decrypted using the 3.60 keys.

The files that were unselfed were:

  • aim_spu_module
  • emer_init
  • lv1.self
  • lv2_kernal
  • manu_info_spu_module
  • mc_iso_spu_module
  • me_iso_spu_module
  • sb_iso_spu_module
  • sc_iso
  • spp_verifier
  • spu_pkg_rvk_verifier
  • spu_token_processor
  • spu_utoken_processor
  • sv_iso_spu_module

Also like to thanks naehrwert.

Source: PS3Hax

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