Game Genie Blocks To See Their Codes With The New Update

April 22, 2013

Game Genie has released a new Update for their save editor to counter the efforts made by the developers of the FREE PS3 Scene (Thanks to aldostools for BSD and all his other tools, and gingerbread for Read more at the link below (thanks to firepixiedarien for the thread).

With the 04/18/13 update, the PS3 Game Genie save editor has now removed the ability to see the codes they have found.

You can still make your own cheats, but will no longer have offsets found by Game Genie to assist you in making/finding your own.

This was done obviously to combat BSD.

Atrocious. Absolutely positively atrocious. This just perpetuates such hobbies involving coding as something strictly for people with above average intelligence.

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