GameKlip clips a PS3 controller to your Android phone:

August 7, 2012

Another Clip called GameKlip appeared on the Market for Android users (lucky ones). This one is one of it’s kind, seems that have a better *grip* and better security to avoid your expensive cellphone end on the ground with a broken screen or worst ;)

To quote:

Mobile games is a growing market, people love their mobiles and a lot love gaming so it’s a winning combination. However there is only so much fun you can have with a touch screen interface. It works great for some games but not so great with others. For a start putting your hands on the screen obscures your view of the game world. In addition it’s just more natural to use a physical controller, the shapes and designs of which have evolved for decades to make the most of gaming. GameKlip  decided to pair a tried and trusted industry standard controller with you Android phone. The company chose the PlayStation 3 dual shock controller.

GameKlip is currently compatible with;

Galaxy Note
Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy SII
Galaxy S

[Source: Hexus]
[Gameklip website]

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