GamePKG Released By CaptainCPS-X

December 21, 2012

CaptainCPS-X joins in on the fun of creating PKG file installers for those on a custom firmware. He has released his own tool dubbed GamePKG which does just that. Other than the name to make it his own, CaptainCPS-X has coded his installer so that it does not reboot the PS3 after you have queued your PKG files for installation from the XMB. For those who downloaded today’s multiMAN update, the no reboot function has been implemented by deank. However, for those who do not use multiMAN or are looking for a standalone solution, this is something to check out. Here’s what CaptainCPS-X had to say:

gamePKG is an application for the PS3 that allows the user to queue PKG files for later installation from the XMB “without restarting the PS3 at all”. Main objective of this application is to help users on Rogero CFW 4.30 (v2.03) to install PKGs without wasting much time.

NOTE: Source Code will be released very soon after I finish cleaning it up, etc.

Tested on Rogero CFW 4.30 (v2.03) Should work on 3.40+ CFW.

The application will scan the following directories for PKG files:

  • /dev_hdd0/pkg/
  • /dev_hdd0/package/
  • /dev_usb000/pkg/
  • /dev_usb000/package/
  • /dev_usb001/pkg/
  • /dev_usb001/package/
  • /dev_usb002/pkg/
  • /dev_usb002/package/
  • /dev_usb003/pkg/
  • /dev_usb003/package/


  • The application handles big PKG files without problem, remember that these take some time to copy, make sure to have at least double the space on the HDD.
  • The application doesn’t support re-scanning devices for new PKG files (for now)
  • The application doesn’t verify HDD for previously queued files (for now)
  • The application doesn’t display a Progress bar (for now)
  • The application doesn’t support split PKG files (for now)
  • The application doesn’t support removing Queued PKG (for now)
  • The application doesn’t have any special GUI (don’t know how to, sorry lol)

Sounds like a good start. You can download GamePKG below.

Download: GamePKG by CaptainCPS-X

Source: PS3Hax

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