Gamesonic Manager v 2.12

February 18, 2014

Orion tireless developer releases today a new update that makes the manager one of numbers one
In this new release
new animated wallpapers by iris manager v 2.90,
the ability to launch showtime from the list games
, inserted the last payload mamba
game with auto-set payload active mamba
Resolved several fixes in the stable now and 4.55 payload does not return to the xmb anymore after installing the manager

Sorry for the constant updates 

retroarch included…retroarch).rar

Normal manager(no retroarch)…etroarchl).rar

source code:…ager_v2.12.rar
Thank you:Estwald,Habib,Aldo Vargas,Mussonero,My play designer,all site and dev for the scene ps3

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