Gamesonic Manager v 2.20

February 18, 2014

Orion Developer continues with all passion Gamesonic Manager update in version 2.20. Gamesonic Manager is a fork of Iris Manager but with additional options that make it one of the best manager updated
rebuilt from 0,
Enter all of the features of iris manager V 2.92,
arranged multi scan function,
accelerated access to retroArch and all other features
Upcoming release:
Add scummvm to lovers of point and click Games
Download:!jgBhmIjb!iD-vVg…Q3nyCrpdtBvw_w retro included!rg4WBZ7Q!pqURe7…ky3KDl085KjrbM normal manager

source code:!n1RkGZoI!5T0Ddy…RRm0awYCJZ9bw4
thank you:Estwald,Aldo Vargas,Habib,Rancid-0,libretro,all dev and site ps3 scene

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