GameSonic Manager v2.32 Released

March 17, 2014

Orion has released the latest version for his GameSonic manager. This new version brings a ton of new updates, from updated network tools, to adding options to load console/psid, bug fixes and more.

The dev Orion after a period of pause updates Gamesonic Manager in version 2.32. are lots of news in this version and release the official changelog
Updated tools for network for cfw 4.41-4.50 dex
Added option to load the console id and the psid added before restarting the console.
Posted Exchange psid.
Added display of the psid tools for the network.
Added new image made by the admin of psxscene STLcardsWS (thank you)
Last inserted core retroarch.
Updated showtime.
Fixed bugs of control fan utility on cfw 4.46 rex dex mode.
Corrected several bugs concerning the emulation of ps1 games
added background image
Manager cammufato from pes 2008 for better online security


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