GameStop Expo 2013 – Possible PS Home, Facial Recognition, Voice Navigation And Exclusive Content From 21 Publishers

August 31, 2013

The GameStop Expo was just the other day, and it gave us plenty of new information for a short 20 minute ‘conference’ from the likes of the amount of exclusive content coming for Sony’s consoles, Facial Recognition and Voice Navigation on the camera..

The conference was presented by SCEA’s Sean Coleman. Apart from speaking about PS Plus, and how awesome it is, he also went to talk about the PS Camera, its functions and how it has face recognition, and also voice navigation.

Sean says:

When you add the PS Camera into the mix, the pair work together to expand upon system features and enhance your PlayStation 4 experience. The new stereoscopic lense that can track your body movements, in games, or even recognise your face for easier system navigation.

Also what was mentioned was the amount of exclusive content being provided by 21 third party publishers/studios.

Rockstar, eh?
Does that count the M.I.A. Agent game by any chance? :)

Exclusive content doesn’t necessarily mean games, it can mean however DLC, and other ‘bonus’ items in a game. For example, the extra playable missions where you play as Aveline in Assassins Creed IV, courtesy of Ubisoft and the

Now let’s get onto the PS Home. This was more of a ‘leak’ than an actual announcement, it was a picture from a screenshot of the UI of the game. Here it is:

And a little closer….

The website I read this on, DLB-network, was kind enough to paste in a template over the screenshot of PS Home to show how similar the icon is.

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