Gamestop to Focus More on Phone and Tablet Market: Blockbuster syndrome.

April 25, 2014

Gamestop will close more than 120 locations because they just want to focus more on phone and tablet market.
Seems that digital era is killing Gamestop, with some sorta of distorted Blockbuster Syndrome (R.I.P).

They plan to switch to a new phase, vaguely called = Gamestop 3.0, according to CEO Paul Raines. Which means, opening 200 to 250 Spring mobile stores.
I guess they didn’t that see one coming…

To quote:

Video game retailer Gamestop made a surprising announcement today: it will close more than 120 locations while increasing the number of its Spring Mobile and Simply Mac stores, all within the same fiscal year.

CEO Paul Raines calls it Gamestop 3.0, which will be a new phase in the company’s history that will herald an aggressive entry into gaming-related technology markets. GameStop plans to open between 200 and 250 Spring Mobile stores, more than doubling the 164 locations it had last year. Simply Mac will see another 20-25 stores added in markets to its already 23 locations. Due to this change, the retailer will scale back about 2% of its 6,457 nationwide retail stores.


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