Gaming For A Good Cause!

May 5, 2012

If you’ve checked out the background information on the writers and moderators of -Hacks, you’ll know we’re a pretty friendly group.  Today I will show you how you could impress this group of sociable writers.

The organisation Extra Life hold once a year a very successful charity event, recruiting gamers of all shapes and sizes to come together on behalf of their selected charity.  I myself living in Australia have chosen the Westmead Children’s hospital.

From now until the 20th of October I will be raising money for this organisation, and this is where you, the -Hacks community can play a part.  You can join my team, and help raise funds for the cause and be a part of it in that sense, or you can donate.  As little as $1 is good money (via PayPal or bank transfer), and this isn’t even the best part.

On the 20th of October, the last day of the fundraiser, all gamers who are part of teams raising money, will game for 24 hours on behalf of their charity.  It’s like the 40 Hour Famine, only way more fun. 

This will take place from 8am 20/10/2012 to 8am 21/10/2012.

I will be live streaming the entire 24 hour feat on my YouTube channel and will be answering comments and hopefully taking donations during this time too.  Any support for such a great cause is appreciated, as I would like to reach my $100 goal for my charity!

It’s not often opportunities like this come along, and while it’s not money towards a developer so they have another PS3 to test on, it is as I have said heaps, a great cause.

Extra Life Donations Page

YouTube Channel For The Live Stream

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