Gaming Goes Box Office

July 16, 2012

Recent news of GAME being “deep sixed” has come as sad news for many.  Now however I turn to EB Games for newsletters on game related updates and news.  The other week, my fortnightly newsletter game with the following exciting news packed inside.

Popular game series’ “Deus Ex” and “Assassin’s Creed” will be receiving their own box office movies in the distant future.  The Deus Ex movie will feature Adam Jensen, and loosely follows the game “Human Revolution”, with Adam trying to figure out some sort of global conspiracy.

The Assassin’s Creed movie will feature actor “Michael Fassbender” (X-Men: First Class and Prometheus) playing as Desmond/Altair.  If you haven’t played much of the series now would be the time to educate yourself!

I realise this isn’t “scene news” again, but it’s still something exciting to hear about!  Hopefully they aren’t a disappointment though.  As always feedback and thoughts are welcome down below in those limitless comment boxes!  I wonder what a real life Pokemon movie would look like?

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