Gaming Shades of Grey: Are "Always On" Consoles Always Bad?

April 10, 2013

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Always On Is Always Connected

In a lot of ways, our population is becoming more and more tired of having to wait for anything. With regards to communication especially, we want our connections to be absolutely instant to all of the things that we care about. That very notion of course is what makes technology like cell phones so darn popular. They are in a sense “always on” even when you aren’t taking advantage of the features. We get text messages and emails from our friends as soon as they are sent, and with social networks like Twitter we can get all kinds of news and information on a second by second basis.

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It’s that kind of interaction that hardware makers are really shooting for in this next batch of consoles. They don’t ever want us to feel like we are missing out on anything that our gaming and real life friends are doing. When you’re always connecter to the internet that makes that very idea a whole lot easier. I think the notion behind the possibility of technology such as this is that the more connected we are, the more that piece of technology has the potential to impact our lives. In general, I would call that a pretty true idea. When consoles are always on, they can be a bigger window into the world we live in.

To my knowledge always on is also somewhat necessary even for features being discussed on PS4. I’ll talk about that on the next page!

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