Gaming Shades of Grey: How Do You Feel About Cheating?

February 20, 2013

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 Cons: It’s Not What the Developer Intends

When developers make your favorite games, they do their best to cover every single base that a player might think about. For example, certain questions regarding the difficulty of a game, or the frequency of when we see health items, all the way down to the very minute differences of how the vehicles in a game handle. As gamers during play, the way that these many different issues resolve themselves is most of the time so seamless that we don’t even think about it. Still to these developers, sometimes even the smallest of changes could be something that took a lot of heavy deliberation and thought. They made the game because they have had a vision of what to do. In the best case scenario, they do the best they can to recreate that mental thought.

GTA cheat

When you cheat, in many ways its a bit of a slight to developers because you’re saying “you didn’t think it was good enough to throw a health pack down here, but I’m still doing what I want.” Depending on the hacks or cheats you’re using, it can be a small slight to developers because it signifies that the tough decisions they had to make weren’t the right ones. Anti-cheaters will tell you, “if the developers wanted to allow you to make your GTA car hover and change colors, it would have been allowed without the hack. Essentially the argument stands, cheats are not what developers intend.

Rolling on with the cons, a huge one with hacks and cheats is online play. Let’s discuss that issue next!

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