German REBUG REX Gold 4.21.2 jMB XMB MOD [CEX/DEX]

April 10, 2013

mitsimatsimoto has translated a German version of IcEmAn2012′s REBUG XMB mod to: REBUG REX Gold 4.21.2 jMB XMB MOD [CEX/DEX]

To quote:

Community member mitsimatsimoto aka haxxxen present his own REBUG REX Gold 4.21.2 jMB XMB MOD exclusive!

MB XMB modifications:
Yellow dynamic Rebug Scorpion
PSX Cold Boot Sound
Epilepsy Warnug -> REX 4.21.2 JMB Modded [CEX TARGET] / [DEX TARGET] in Full DEX fashion
GoldWave by Glowball
icontex.qrc by hades demo JFW 3:56
XMB and ingame Icons of the JFW 3:56
Game Boat, CEX DEX scorpion logo by Rebug
pseudo retail PKG patch

JFW categories:
Users with friends online folder (all the important functions Friends)
photo -> Plugins (for all tools / homebrew how PS3Temp, toolbox, and FixPermission reactPSN)
Music -> PSN games
and> Multimedia with all photo, music – – Video Video Features
TV -> Retro with emulators and Iris Manager for PSX isos
Game -> Manager with Game Data Manager folder with content match data, PS3, PS2, minis store data, trophies and category for Multiman and Code Unique
Network -> PS3 Loader for all directly Boat Packages, lastgame5 Mount Packages and PS2Classic Packages
PSN -> Online Services green icon, browser, PSN Content folder with PSN login, and PSN Store
Friends -> Visor with Install PKG modification and XMB modified Manager Plus
2 new avatars (see Iceman )
ngame XMB only 3 categories, Quick View (Game category with the backup managers and ingame Game features, plugins and settings (screenshot) also available)
own XMB browse sounds of a Little Big Planet Theme

First Install Rebug CFW 4.21.2 [REX EDITION] on XMB
Second put Rebug / RETAIL mode on and remove all the XMB Mods
Third Install REX Gold 4.21.2 JMB XMB MOD

[Download via PSX]

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