Get Dancing With ThatOtherDev’s Dance Clone

April 24, 2013

PlayStation 3 homebrew developer ThatOtherDev is back with another project for the PS3. Dance Clone v0.6, a work in progress, will be re-done for the PS3 and then the Wii. This beta release is said to be compatible with the PS3 or PS2 dance mat and tested on Rogero custom firmware 4.40. Also, as an “added bonus“, is a re-signed Avoidance v1.3 for CFW 4.xx.

A quote from the source:

Here is the first look at the inexplicably popular on Wii but extremely buggy and consequently abandoned and now remade Dance Clone. It isn’t much of a game yet. But I’m a lot more excited about working on it now that I have a fresh start and I’m going to be releasing it for both Wii and PS3 (starting here with PS3). So you can expect updates in the future. I’ll try to even get more done before this months psx-scene deadline (you can already vote for it here).

It controls with the directional buttons. If anyone has a PS3 dance mat (the one that came with Dance Dance Revolution for PS3, a third party mat or even a PS2 dance mat with a converter) then I would greatly appreciate it if you would test it out. I don’t have one and I think it might work but I’m not sure how the buttons on it map or even if it will be possible for me to support them.

It was tested on Rogero’s 4.40 CFW.


Download Dance Clone v0.6

As an added bonus, here is a resigned copy of my game Avoidance that (thanks to z3roblu3′s CFW 4.xx Resigner Script) will now play on newer custom firmware (just like Dance Clone). Though I’m sure somebody else has probably re signed and re posted it by now.


Download Avoidance v1.3


Source: thatotherdev via psx-scene

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