Get Fcked On PSN With FckPSN 0.9c

September 11, 2012

This might have something to do with the recent Tweets by @dantezteam. Early claims from him showed PSN access on custom firmware prior to anyone and I was one of those who thought fake. Well I’m glad to announce that for the time been we have access to PSN, that is until Sony catches wind of it. So get it while it lasts!

Believe we all know, test CEX DEX355 feasible. The program still finished off the September 11 signing into PSN, the the camouflage version number 4.21 camouflage host ID is all zeros networking cheating curse you BAN Oh. The BAN directly off the account + the host ID + MAC address.

How to use:

1. the program open permissions, etc. dev_blind (enter after twice choice, have opted for Yes), then run OpenPS3FTP.

2.Replace the PS3 within CA27.cer certificate, replace the original file to / dev_blind / data / cert / suggestions to replace the backup finished to restart PS3. Computer running FuckPSN. If an error to see if the computer takes 53,80,443 port. (Generally 53, If your machine has run DNS related procedures)

3.PS3 network settings into a PC’s DNS IP started if you do not know – run, enter cmd in the window then type ipconfig / all View local IP of the NIC enjoy ~ download the address: FuckPSN0.9c certificate OpenPS3FTP and dev_blind installing OpenPS3FTP The location is inside the network. FTP username root password should be arbitrary. Not try google Windows Vista, if the flash retreat to try original vsh.self try to shut down the world wide web publishing service service restart 0x6F8404 0x6F8443

More info regarding this can be found below.

dantezteam | psx-scene | ps3-scrunch | ps3news | ps3hax | ps3devwiki

Downloads: FckPSN 0.9c and Certificates / (Mirror) / OpenPS3FTP and Dev_Blind / (Mirror)

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