Get "Install Package Files" Back in Rogero 4.30

January 3, 2013

When it comes to firmwares above 3.55, you may notice that the “install package files” option has been removed from its usual spot in your CFW. Sure the options to install through multiMAN works just as well as anything else, but its simply not as direct a VSH install as what you would be getting in the past. Because Sony added a few extra token checks in these later versions the function has been blocked, but a new patch by the developer known as Szalay has brought us that option back for users of Rogero.

In terms of installation, you more or less just have to replace a few lines of code in the game .prxs to get things running. I won’t paste all of the instructions here because I don’t want to blind those who aren’t interested with all of that language, so you can just check out the source for the exact way to get it done. In general though, if you would rather not take things manually, there is also an automatic install that should work simply for you as long as you enable /dev_blind write access to /dev_flash and launch the patch in multiMAN. If you’re a user of Rogero then, this little patch may be something you want to take a look into!


Tags: CFW, install package files, Rogero

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