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August 12, 2012

Ever since the release of CEX2DEX many were not happy with ps3gen and it’s four partition limitations. A limitation that restricted users to only four games per hardrive. But now there is more news…

A developer named xerius has released a tutorial that shows you how to increase this limit. So instead of the 4 game limit you can now have a maximum of 255 games. A substantial increase like that might increase ones curiosity when it comes to converting to DEX.

This subject is rather touchy when it comes to copyrights and such. So I bring this news to you for educational reasons. Please refrain from linking any copyrighted material. So if you are looking into HEX, you can check out this news regarding DEX!

Increase the number of games in ps3gen.

ps3gen after formatting creates only 4 games. 

You can create up to 255 games  (FF in hex)

You will need a hex editor.

You can easily make any partition size to 2TB. For example: you want to make a 500GB partition. Change the byte 1 to 3E and byte 2 to 80.


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