Get Music Unlimited for a year for cheap

November 25, 2012

To promote their music unlimited and PS+ service Sony has started yet another promotion. They are offering a one year subscription to Music unlimited for PS+ subscribers at £11.99/€11.99/107.99 Kr/AU$13.99. The offer is only valid in UAE, Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand. You can find the full post on the PSN Blog here.

On the official PSN Blog post, Sony has claimed that other users also get to take advantage of this offer at £59.99/€59.99/539.99 Kr/AU$71.99. This clearly shows how Sony is trying to promote two things at once because if we were to add the PS+ value plus the Music unlimited cost, THAT would be cheaper than getting just Music Unlimited for so much money.

The Music Unlimited service is basically a service run by Sony which provides you with the latest music. The service hasn’t really been so famous, partly because of Youtube, the ability to download anything from the internet and because to me, it seems highly overpriced.

I still wonder why the US isn’t getting as many offers. I it because all of the stuff costs more in other countries? or is it because Sony just doesn’t care?

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