Get Your Stealth On With StealthMAN

June 6, 2013

Since the latest release of multiMAN a few days ago, many users were wondering if deank was going to release the stealth version of the backup manager, to stay under the radar while using the PSN. deank has answered the calling with the release of stealthMAN. As you know, stealthMAN has a spoofed game ID (among other things) which causes it to report back to the PSN service as a legit game instead of plain old ‘multiMAN’, which of course would raise suspicions. (I was once asked what game multiMAN actually was, LOL)

If you use a console that stays completely offline or have one where any traffic to the PSN and otherwise Sony is blocked, then you’re probably good with the regular multiMAN. If you’re rolling the dice and playing online, then stealthMAN is the right backup manager for you. You can find everything you need (including regular multiMAN) below.

Download: stealthMAN 04.40.00 | multiMAN 04.40.00

Source: PSX-Scene

Tags: backup manager, deank, mutliman, PlayStation 3, PS3, stealthman

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