Get Your Streaming On. Universal Media Server Upadted to 2.4.0

February 12, 2013

Streaming can sometimes be just a little bit hit and miss when it comes to the PS3, but if you’ve got sturdy, hardwired connections on both ends it can vey easily be done quite well. Sure there all all kinds of options you can use regardless of the operating system you might be on, but one of the most complete choices you have is to use Subjunk’s Universal Media Server. Just like the name implies, this app has probably the highest support for all kinds of file types out there which makes it the perfect companion for the hardcore user. Windows Media can certainly do a lot for you provided you install the right codecs, but if you’d rather not work through that process, UMS is the perfect alternative. Especially if you’re not running Windows.

As with most new builds of UMS, the changes here are quite extensive so I’ll just let you in on a few of the key ones. In terms of subtitles, external ones are now fully supported by FFmpeg. In all cases, these external subs are now automatically loaded too so that should make your life just a little bit easier. For now the audio subtitle language is left blank by default, but you can change it to your choice quite easily and keep it there. RealVideo and mp4 support have also been improved for the PS3 in particular. For all the changes feel free to check out the source. Regardless when it comes to using your PS3 to stream, Universal Media Server is a pretty solid choice.

Source / Windows / Mac / Linux

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