Give Sony Your Feedback on their Better, Faster Video Streaming Technology

May 23, 2013

Sony has unveiled a new Beta Video Streaming Technology in PSN and are asking for the assistance of the public to test. They are offering some movies at a discounted rate of $0.99 cents for SD and $1.99 for HD. Sony claims this new technology will better and much faster, or so they hope. This is still in the Beta phase and after watching / buying your content you will be presented with a survey via email about the new streaming technology by Sony. Checkout all the details by Sony Below



So this seems like a good idea and its nice that they are making the effort to improve things but do you have any issues with ‘paying’ to help Sony test their technology?


Quote from Sony Entertainment Network’s website:

We’ve incorporated a new technology that will greatly enhance your viewing experience by providing you a more adaptive, faster stream whenever you rent a movie from the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3. But, before we roll out with our entire catalog, we want to test the technology out and get your opinion. For a limited time, we’re discounting some HD and SD movie titles. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Here’s how to cash in on the deal and help us out along the way:

  1. Log on to the PlayStation Store on your PS3.
  2. Scroll down to the Movies section where you will immediately find our beta test in the first section.
  3. Rent one of the five movies for only $1.99 in HD or 99¢ in SD.
  4. Fill out the brief survey that will be emailed to you after you purchase and watch the movie.

Tell your friends to try it out too, and keep up-to-date by joining us on Twitter and Facebook.


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