Giveaway: win a ‘lifetime’ of Playstation plus

February 10, 2014

A few months ago, Sony made a mistake on their Brazilian store, and were “selling” playstation plus subscriptions for free. Thousands of playstation users were made aware of the glitch, and managed to subscribe to playstation plus for dozens of year, for free.

After Sony had fixed the glitch, I did mention how they had been giving away Free Playstation Plus subscriptions. I had many reasons for not mentioning the glitch while it was going on, especially since the information – secret at the time – was not mine to share.

Somehow, that article triggered some negative reactions from a few people: some resented me for not sharing the information while it was going on, others accused me of wanting to keep that type of secret for “myself and my friends”. Of course, that last argument was pure nonsense, since I already have a PS+ account, I didn’t need another one.

I had however managed to confirm the glitch myself, creating a Brazilian account which is now a playstation plus member until 2020. Today, after I finally spent the time required to change the email address and personal information on this account, I’m giving it away to one of you guys.

“Bwaaa, wololo, 7 years is not a lifetime, even in dog years!”… In terms of gaming, a seven years subscription is basically a lifetime. By the time this subscription expires, you won’t even remember where you got it from :)


I’m sure this giveaway will have its own share of controversy, but the account is not useful to me, while I’m sure some of you would make a good use of it. I’m also hoping this definitely confirms I was not using that glitch for “personal benefit”: in addition to giving away this account, I have given away much more than the equivalent of 7 years of PS Plus subscription on this blog, including a contest to win a PS4 last year. If I wanted 7 years of PS Plus for myself, I don’t need to pirate it.

I do not condone piracy, but I also believe that one account does not hurt Sony or any game developer in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, I expect some people to come up with random comments such as “you should have destroyed this account instead of giving it to someone”, or crap like that. Think what you like.

The Brazilian Playstation Plus basically has the same benefits as the US one. Same games are free, etc…

Of course, this account comes with absolutely no warranty: It is very possible Sony will eventually close it, or cancel the PS+ subscription…

How to participate

With all that said, how do you get a chance to win? Well, that’s super simple, head over to our /talk forums, and say “hi” in this thread. I’ll select a random winner in a few days.

Good luck!

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