Goodbye to Final Fantasy XIII Versus.

July 22, 2012

I was HYPE,  and *HIGH* too, when i saw the first images, (cover magazines) that bad-ass king that don’t gives a damn about anything. Among other things about FF XIII Versus. I Loved so much that baroque/noir atmosphere that was showed many times. And i loved the song *Somnus*. (Listening right now) In a mood of certain nostalgia and tears falls from my eyes.
But seems that this FF will not see the light and the CANCELED rumour is getting bigger. (like a knife to my kokoro)

Naze? naze??! (Japanese) = Why?

Well kotaku as many other sources have some partial answers to this sour *news* about square-enix messing AGAIN (i blame bad choices being made) with a such big expected title.
We will see it someday?…

Whether it’s been cancelled entirely or had resources absorbed into a newer, larger project, the game we once knew as Final Fantasy Versus XIII would seem to be no more. Even if Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been cancelled, I’m inclined to believe that whatever Versus was, or whatever had been created for the game, will turn up in some form in Final Fantasy XV. Surely, Square Enix would not cancel a game and completely dump all the work it’s done? Right?

“We have no information on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

When Kotaku contacted Square Enix about whether or not Final Fantasy Versus XIII was still in development, the game maker released the following statement: “We have no information on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but will be sure to update you as it becomes available.” Keep in mind, I wasn’t asking for an update per se, I simply asked if Square Enix was still making a game it had already announced six years ago. Square Enix did not reply to Kotaku’s requests for clarification regarding whether Versus was still in development or not.

Square Enix has a Final Fantasy event coming up in Tokyo in late August and September. One of the stage events is centered on the Final Fantasy XIII Project and the Lightning saga (so a Final Fantasy XIII-3 reveal?). None of the announced stage events center around Final Fantasy Versus XIII, something that Japanese gamers were quick to point out on game sites and blogs.

So, is Final Fantasy Versus XIII finally and officially dead? Without confirmation from Square Enix, we can’t say for sure. While these reports certainly indicate the long-awaited game has been cancelled, Square’s reluctance to acknowledge them means those desperately wanting to see more of the project still have a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

But if the game fails to make an appearance at either the upcoming Final Fantasy celebrations or the 2012 Tokyo Game Show? Then yeah, given what we’ve heard (particularly of Square’s reported desire to kill the game quietly), you’d be a lot safer assuming Versus XIII is kaput and start looking forward to the next big FF game.

I hope the *king* can take some time to re-think about this release. Let him sleep for a while…who knows.

Omnia dividit
tragoedia coram
amandum quae

Source : Kotaku

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