Goodbye To One Of The Greats

July 8, 2012

It is a sad day indeed for Australian gamers.  A while back we let you all know that GAME Australia will be shutting down indefinitely, with their 60% off sale being their last move to clear stock and finish off what has been a great retail experience.

GAME Aus in my local community has been my go to store for a long time, right back to when it was called the Game Wizards and I got my PS1 with Crash Bandicoot.  In 3 and a half hours from this article being posted, GAME Aus will have closed its doors for the last time.  If you are close to your store I’d recommend picking something up before they shut.  I managed to get a “GAME” branded PS Vita starter kit and a PS Vita game keyring holder all for $1.40.

With GAME being no more, who will you turn to for your disc and accessory purchases?  Personally, I buy most of my games now from an Australian website called Very Reasonably Priced Games.  Free, fast shipping and really low prices within Australia makes it the only place I really go now.  Where will you make your purchases?

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