Greatness Arrives: PS4 All Access Launch Event In A Quick Article!

November 18, 2013

So if you weren’t stupid and decided to get some sleep rather than stay up intilĀ 5:30 AM watching the launch event, you’d have missed what’s happened, this is what you missed: Uncharted on PS4, a release date for inFamous: SS, and much, much more!

I’ll be posting the full broadcast at the bottom of this blog, so if you fancy watching that This may not be in chronological order, being as I’m pretty tired and cant recall it minute by minute….Sorry.

Before the launch event started, there were a few time-fillers to watch like interviews, videos and the such. One interview was of Assassins Creed’s Ashraf Ismail, Game Director talking about the ‘new gaming experience’ and the exclusive Aveline mission.

So let’s start off with in my opinion, the best news. Uncharted 4 on the PS4. They provided a trailer and was probably the biggest teaser you can get, so here it is:

They also announced what the single player DLC plans were for The Last Of Us, which is supposedly coming in December/January time. They also supplied a trailer for it so here it is, again, a ridiculous teaser :( :

In any case, at least we know its coming!

More news on the all access event, announced by bungie themselves, for access to the multiplayer beta, you need to pre-order, but for those in the playstation nation will have first access to the beta. The game didn’t impress me all too much, being as I’m not that much of an FPS fan. But I’ll definitely keep my eye out for it.

Let’s move on now, Hideo Kojima said how there will be ‘mind blowing news’ relating to MGS V, and it turns out it wasn’t all that shocking. But pretty cool. It’s an exclusive mission for Playstation Platforms named ‘Deja vu’ where you get to play as the original snake, it’s a bit confusing to be honest, here’s a trailer for it. I’m sure our resident moderator and blogger Acid_Snake will clear this up for us in the comment section below.

Something else that was pretty significant was the official street date for inFamous: Second Son. And it is 21/3/2014, along with the announcement came a trailer showcasing the neon power teased at E3:

There were some launch trailers in the breaks between the live stream, for games like Knack, Doki Doki Universe and Contrast, and others. Here they are:

And as promised, here is the 1 and a quarter hour stream for you to watch:

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