GTA 5 PS3 80029564 install error; Sony ask customers to contact PS Support: Lol

September 19, 2013

This neverending nightmare for many PS3 users is getting out of hand. We are talking about PS3 80029564 install error. Sony actually asked PS3 users that have this problem to contact PS Support for assistance.
Bare in mind that this problem is related with the digital copy of GTAV.
Honestly, i don’t know what to think but in some part when Sony tell a legit user to Contact PS Support. Sounds more like *Go fuck@!@ yourself* instead of helping to sort out the situation.
And this situation keeps scalating thus Sony’s online support coordinator, first apologized to then say: “That anyone still struggling to install the game will need to have their account *INVESTIGAGED*”.
Come again?…I mean. Those guys who actually purchased the game are the ones who run into this problems and THOSE accounts will be *INVESTIGATED*?. Lol.
Some asking for refunds, etc.
It’s 100% logical response from users who actually purchased GTA V to get mad/angry with this kind of issues.

More info:

Sony has asked any PlayStation 3 users still encountering error 80029564 while attempting to download and install a digital copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 to contact PlayStation Support for assistance.

In a post on the official PlayStation forums, Sony’s online support coordinator apologized for the ongoing problems and said that anyone still struggling to install the game will need to have their account “investigated”.

“I have spoken with the network team this morning and they have advised that if you have been unable to download/install GTA V today then you will have to contact PlayStation Support for further assistance,” reads the post.

“If the fix that was applied yesterday has not worked there may be another issue which will need to be investigated for each different PSN account so contact PS Support so we can do this.

“Once again apologies for the problems you have had and if you have any questions please ask.”

Multiple users have reported problems while trying to download and install GTA 5 from the PlayStation Store, with many angry at the fact they’re still unable to play the game they’ve purchased.

In response to Sony’s comments, one user stated that the situation was “an absolute joke. Just started my 4th download got to 7% and its back to 0%!”

Another said that Sony’s response was “too little too late.”

“You guys failed to deliver the promised content at release, so how about refunds???? How about get someone to answer to this rather than passing the buck to the network support guys…”

GTA 5 launched yesterday on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The digital PS3 version has been available to download in Europe since Sunday.

In addition to Sony’s comments, Rockstar has also released a list of fixes for users experiencing problems elsewhere in the game.


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