GTA IV: HuN Gives You A Reason To Shoot Up The Gangs Again

July 11, 2012

Still hanging onto your copy of Grand Theft Auto IV? Looking for something to breathe new life into the game to enable you to pass even more hours away? HuN and his team of developers are back with a new update to their Gang War minigame.

While this is not an official release, the team has uploaded all the files that are needed for you to compile your own script for the minigame. For the impatient and/or technologically adept, you can get to doing just that. Check out what’s new with the v2.2 update:

  • all gang-wars now in one script
  • removed : fake ped network namesĀ 
  • added : new way to trigger gang-war , kill 3 gang members in streetsĀ 
  • added: gang-wars locations map blips & names
  • AoD new war location
  • Russian new war location
  • Russian Mob new war location

You can read up more on the Gang War mingame and script compiling, over at PSX-Scene.

Source: PSX-Scene

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