GTA IV Meets Back To The Future

August 30, 2012

We all love a good game mod, and I’ve got to admit, this might be one of the most impressive yet. This mod comes in the form of GTA IV/Back to the Future.

GTA IV is pretty well known for its ability to be modded, well some clever guy has taken his mod to the next level and created a Back to the Future themed GTA IV. This new game mod includes a full Marty McFly character model and more impressively, the DeLorean. The DeLorean created by the modder is fully functioning, your Marty McFly character is able to get into the vehicle and drive it about just like a normal car.  And that’s not all.

Just like in the legendary movie, once the DeLorean reaches 88 miles per hour, you will in fact get to experience time travel. I’ve dropped a video for you guys to check out below…be prepared, it’s awesome!

GTA IV Mod My YouTube Channel – Watch! Let me know your thoughts.

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