GTA V – Buy Now… Play Later ;)

August 23, 2013

Well this must be a first for Sony, as of today if your a US PSN User you can go and buy your copy of “Grand Theft Auto V” Digital Edition for a mere $59.99 but unlike other Digital Preorders there is one difference. You can download the game NOW!

Unfortunately it seems you won’t be able to play until its official release date (17th September), its locked or encrypted or some sh!t so please don’t ask if you can get it now and unlock with a simple DUPLEX PKG file as the answer is NO!

Don’t know if its fake or not, but the screenies do look legit.

Anyhoo total download size is 18GB.


PSN Store Link: https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwo…ANDTHEFTAUTO05



So there you go you can get a copy of GTA V NOW, you just can’t play it. Hmmmmmm… carrot, dangling, donkey comes to mind.

Thanks to @DaveOMac ;)

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