GTA V “plays” Rapper Daz Dillinger but doesn’t pay the price, yet

October 16, 2013

picture from DAZ's promotional for Public EnemiezRapper Daz Dillinger isn’t happy with how GTA V uses his songs. Almost two weeks ago the the lyricist took to Twitter in a call for legal help in dealing with Rockstar. Apparently the rapper is preparing for a case against the people behind GTA V for violating his intellectual property rights on two accounts. Daz claims that two of his songs can be heard in GTA V without the necessary permission or clearance (Take2, get it).

It seems that Rockstar tried to rectify this “mistake” by offering Dillinger $ 4,271.00 in an out of court settlement. But that didn’t persuade Daz to sign away his rights as he has given Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar the choice to either offer him a better deal or face the consequences. The call for a cease and desist which could very well come down to copies of GTAV V being called back and destroyed. As well as a big fine for Take Two for violating the intellectual property of Daz Dillinger.
Dillinger vs Rockstar over GTA 5

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