Happy Birthday Pirate

April 2, 2013

While many of you don’t like me and the majority would love to see me dissapear, — trust me, the feeling is very mutual — today I am willing to put all of our differences aside for the sake of one man… [MENTION=1]Pirate[/MENTION].

When I left two months ago, I made sure to leave with a bang and I did. I disrespected a lot of people, Staff and user alike, simply because I could. In the end though, it seemed like [MENTION=1]Pirate[/MENTION] was the biggest victim of my relentless trolling. Why? Because this is his website. He owns this domain and I was trashing it. Wherever I went, flame was sure to follow. Pages and pages of littered forum pages. I was the reason for all of that.

I don’t feel like typing a 5,000 word essay on how wrong I was to you, [MENTION=1]Pirate[/MENTION]. That’s all I wanted to say. I’m sorry and Happy Birthday. You deserve better than that.

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