Happy Birthday PS Jailbreak

August 21, 2013

I was sitting on holiday a couple of weeks ago, thinking about the day PS Jailbreak was revealed, i knew that its birthday was coming up and thought id write an article about it, but when the time came, it totally slipped my mind, until today.

Anyhow, three years ago on the 18th of August 2010 news broke on PSX Scene that a device was about to be released that would let us play backups on our PS3′s, here is the very first video of said device:

To read the original article, check this thread:
PS Jailbreak

PS Jailbreak was released at an extremely high price, but was soon reversed, leading to PSGroove and PSFreedom, open source alternatives.

As most of you know, i dislike dongles, but if it hadn’t of been for PS Jailbreak, the machine still might not be hacked, so thank you Sony for giving people the inspiration to release a hacking device for the PS3.

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