Hardmodded Vita with capture card on the loose

March 31, 2013

The following is relatively old news, as The Z already mentioned this almost a month ago on scene website ps3king.de, but it is getting more and more attention as the device went on sale 2 weeks ago, and early buyers started receiving their order: Some Japan modders have been selling a a hardware modded vita with an embedded capture card.

Our community has noticed this as well, and this is being discussed on our forums here.

These modded Vitas feature what appears to be a mini usb port next to the standard Vita connector.

This connector allows you to connect the Vita and play on an HD TV, or to capture gameplay videos. Check the pictures and videos below:

(source YamiHoshi.nl on gbatemp.net)

The group behind this hardware mod, katsukity, are also apparently the same people behind a similar video capture system for the 3DS, so this is apparently legit. Of course, the question is, are you ready to spend $450 on such a device (that doesn’t include shipping)… for those interested, it seems they do ship internationally if you are ready to go through the Japanese-only interface, although I have never bought from that place and can’t vouch for them.

A pretty cool hardware mod, if you ask me. This is of course completely unofficial, unsupported by Sony, and very likely means such modded Vitas immediately lose their official Sony guarantee.

(Thanks to Acid_Snake who wrote the initial draft of this article)

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