Have That SingStar Icon You Can’t Get Rid Of? deank Has Your Fix!

December 23, 2012

For those rocking a 4.30 custom firmware, you may have encountered the SingStar icon on the XMB that you probably didn’t care about. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a method to hide or remove it completely from displaying. That was until now. deank, taking a break from his developments in multiMAN has released a replacement to the SingStar XMB icon, in the form of an InstallPKG application. If you are familiar with the Install Package Files on Rogero’s latest firmware, this works more or less the same.

System/Firmware Requirements:

  • Any custom firmware (CFW) that has been affected by the undeletable SingStar XMB Icon (Rogero 4.30-rev. 2.03 CFW is known to be affected by this).

Install Instructions:

  1. No need to download singstar or install it offline
  2. Install this package
  3. Done :)

For those who want to get rid of the background image and music played when the new InstallPKG icon is highlighted, follow these steps to get rid of that as well.

If you dislike the SingStar XMB Background Image/Music, then you can delete the PIC1.PNG, PIC0.PNG and the SND0.AT3 files from the “/dev_hdd0/game/NPEA00374” directory using mmOS (multiMAN’s point-and-click file manager) in order to disable the background and music when the “* Install Package Files” XMB entry is selected in the XMB.

deank’s initial release of this required you to download and install SingStar beforehand. With this release, that is no longer a requirement. You can download the InstallPKG replacement below.

Download: InstallPKG Replacement For SingStar

Source: PS3Crunch

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