Having the Banned Console CFW Blues? Try Getting Back Online with PSUnban Tools v1.15b

March 6, 2013

¬†Ever since the PS3 hardware was completely sacrificed due to the leak of the lv0 keys, Sony has been especially content to continue sending console bans down the line for those of you trying to access the internet on your modified machine. Through a two pronged approach that will effect both your account and the console you are using, getting banned can be a serious pain that doesn’t really have a great be all end all sort of fix.

That being said, one of the only ways to possibly solve the problem is by using software like Sazerty’s PSUnban Tools. More or less what it does is creates a new PSID for your console so that you can sign back online. Obviously this method works best if you happen to know one off hand that you can use (like from a friend that never uses their PS3 for example) but this software will also give you the chance to generate a random IDPS that could very possibly get you out of the jam you’re in. In terms of it’s overall changes, this build functions much like the others, only it fixes some program errors and does a better job of clearing temporary files. If you need more help, this video has a pretty good tutorial even though it’s based on an older version. Hopefully this can save some of you!

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