Head To Head: Console Vs. PC. Which Do You Prefer?

December 28, 2012

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I’ve been reading any and all of the comments on my previous head to head articles, and a lot of you don’t seem to like the fact that I base my ratings on systems at least partially on how powerful they are. Thankfully for you I suppose, with a battle like this there are no exact specs that I can measure up to here. The facts are that everybody’s computer is probably quite different, so it would be slightly more unfair for me to get that specific. All of that said however, I can still talk about the general premise of what PC hardware entails. In general, you’re going to be getting something that has a little more horsepower than your average console, but it’s probably going to come at quite the cost. To get decent specs on a computer, I generally think somewhere around $700 is a pretty good sweet spot. The catch is though, you’re going to have to keep updating it. Those who game on PC don’t mind having to shell out a couple of hundred bucks each year for more RAM and a GPU, but that’s certainly not  for everyone.


Which is why you have consoles. They are a standard piece of hardware that developers continue to support for about ten years. The downside to that is you’re not going to get as much raw power so games might not look as slick, but the huge draw is you’re saving money. When you pay your $400-600 for a console, you’re pretty much set until the next machine comes out. You also don’t have to worry about having to replace any hardware yourself either. There is  an ease factor about consoles that people love. There’s no tinkering with settings, just pop in the game and go? Does that cost effectiveness and simplicity make them a better piece of overall hardware? In my opinion yes, but I can certainly see the other side of the fence.

Winner: Consoles

Next up we’ll be talking networks, so please stay connected.

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