Head To Head: multiMAN Vs. IrisManager. What’s the Better Manager?

January 31, 2013

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 Category 1: Features

When it comes to which manager can actually do more for for you, you probably want to look for the one with multi in its name. Since the beginning of deank’s project, the basic goal of his backup manager has been to give us a single piece of software to handle all of our scene functions, and he has certainly made good on that promise. Obviously it’s going to be able to play a huge library of game backups, but that’s just the beginning. With it’s own FTP server, and its integration with the Showtime media plugin, that already puts it above Iris’ functions. However there’s also the ability to launch homebrew and retro games too if you’re so inclined. In short it’s the closest to all in one that you get.


If you’re the kind of person that would rather deal with a software that’s more specifically suited towards a single function, then IrisManager would still be worth it for you. While it may not carry all that extra media functionality, it still gives you plenty of options that will help get your games loaded and it was first to feature dongle-free PSX iso support. It also has built in FTP as well but in my opinion is best paired with other software to help it along like blackb0x. Regardless, if you want the manager that can handle the most tasks, multiMAN is definitely it.

Winner: multiMAN

But how do all these features impact storage space and hard drive use? Find out on the next page!

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